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We offer a great range of services at Rockhampton Tyrepower, check them out below, give us a call on (07) 4926 6800, or drop by our store. We're a locally owned business, and we specialise in making sure your car and tyres are ready to take on the conditions we get in Rockhampton, Parkhurst, Norman Gardens, Berserker, Wandal, Ironpot, Nerimbera, Allenstown, Glenlee, Rockyview, Gracemere, Alton Downs, and Stanwell.

Our Services

Tyre Fitting

All brands are available through us as we are not restricted or influenced by Tyre Manufactures or Franchisors. As a locally owned family businesss we are part of a buying group...

Wheel Alignments

We keep up to date and have the very best and latest equipment available. We are one of the few places that can recalibrate steering angle sensors when doing an alignment.

Mechanical Servicing

Lube Servicing, book servicing and general maintenance including fleet maintenance on all vehicles using the best oils and parts at very competitive prices.

Truck Tyres

4WD Accessories


We specialise in Suspension and Steering using Outback Armour, Bilstein,Monroe,ToughDog, KYB, King Springs and Dobinson. Plus Poly Air and Airbag Man.

Steering Repairs

Brake Repairs

Diagnose all vibration and braking problems. Replacement Pads, Rotors, shoes and drums for all brands.

Wheel Balancing

Puncture Repairs


We provide a great range of batteries at reasonable prices, including Century Batteries. Century Batteries are Australian made and perfect for our harsh conditions.

Agricultural Tyres

Pickup/Drop Off

About Wheel Alignments

Hawk eye wheel aligner

Alignments aren’t different per se, but vehicles are more advanced and precise now than ever before. A lot has changed not only mechanicaly but with the common use of electronics in vehicles nowadays everything has become far more sophisticated. As a result, maintaining the handling and performance that modern vehicles are capable of, a proper alignment must be done to take account where all the wheels are pointed.

There’s more vehicle variety on the road these days, too. Vehicles have different purposes. Some have rear steering capabilities. Some have stability controls or dynamic stability controls or active stability management . Many modern vehicles need their SAS (Steering Angle Sensors) to be reset in the cars computer. Every car manufacturer is different and requires different methods to adjust each unique system.

Wheel alignment details

Simply Put

Alignment is a really complex topic. Simply put - when your wheels are out of alignment, your tyres aren’t pointing in the right direction. Being out the smallest amount at speed will cause excessive tyre wear and could affect you safety.

road force

Vibrations no longer a problem

Vibrations are a thing of the past with the latest balancer we use. Unlike others it does a static (up and down) and dyanamic (side to side) balance then it calibrates the best placement of weights to give the best combination elimating vibrations.

More than just Wheel Balance

At 100kph the average tyre rotates 850times per minute. At this speed any problem with the tyre or rim can literally cause the tyre to hammer the road at 14 times a second. We can now simulate that on our new Road Force Balancer and diagnose the fault.